How To Crack My Hip And Back?


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Cracking joints is the act of moving joints in a special way to produce a sharp cracking or popping sound. Many people enjoy doing this but there is a risk of damaging joints if not done correctly.

The most practiced form of this occurs during a deliberate knuckle-cracking. We can also crack other joints like those between the back and the neck vertebrae, hip joints, wrists, elbows, shoulders, toes, ankles, knees, jaws, the Achilles tendon area and possibly any other joint in the body.

Things you will need: A good standing place with no evidence of a possible weapon, objects to hold if need be and the skill.

Choose solid ground with no evidence of weapon or hidden objects that might inflict injury. For instance, the place must be free from pointed objects, irons, hot water, exposed wires, and so forth.

Stand upright on your two legs, leaving a small gap between your legs.

Rise your two hands straight up and face forward

Bend forward so that your fingers touch your toes. This will stretch your back and may produce a sharp sound in the process.

Stand erect again and bend backwards. It may not be possible for your fingers to touch the ground without you falling down. So stop when you hear the sound or at your convenience.

Stand upright again. Rest for a while and bring your two hands down to your waist.

While still facing forward, rotate your upper body towards facing your back through your right hand without moving your hip. Stop when you hear a popping sound or just at your convenience and return your upper body to the initial position.

Repeat this process, but this time with your left hand.

Return to your original position and rotate your hip clockwise and then anti-clockwise.
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1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.

2. Make your hands into fists and place your knuckles right below your hip bones on the tensor muscle where the leg connects to the hip.

3. To crack your right hip joint shift your hips to the left while pressing gently with your knuckles on the joint. Try this the opposite way for your left leg. You feet should stay in the same place but tilt as you shift your hips to the side. Instant relief!
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I would suggest laying on the floor, and twisting your hips with your hands, then roll over to your other side and repeat that. If this doesn't work, you should really go and see a chiropractor about it. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I put my leg onto chair, bench, table, etc, anything that is about hip height.  Standing sideways with my foot flat on the surface(ankle facing down) I squat into it, it cracks almost immediately!
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First of all I would recommend going to see a chiropractor, because they are specialists, but if you are determined to do it at home, then this is one way:
Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, and raise your right leg. Bend it into a right angle, and then lift the lower part of your leg to be straight. Then, with your leg straight, lower it down to the floor, keeping it straight all the time. You should feel a satisfying pop at the lower part of your hip/hip.

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