Can UTI Reoccur? I Had UTI In Sept , Now The Culture Report Is Normal But Again Now From Last Two Days I Am Feeling Wetness. I Have Fibroid Too. I Am Feeling So Uneasy, Irritating Due To This Wetness, Difficult To Walk


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I'd like talk about the meds... But my best friend got UTI back to back... Right after she'd get off of the antibiotics she'd get another one. I remember she was in a lot of discomfort and even had to go to the emergency room one time. I believe after that she went back to the doctor and they gave a different kind of antibiotic and she really hasn't had a problem since. I think you should just go back to your doctor and talk to them about the It's... It could be on medicine reacting to another... Or it could just mean they need to switch which kind of meds you're taking. I hope this helps.

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