What Are The Activities To Be Done In Pfstt?


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This is the Physical Fitness and Sports Talent Test. It is broken down into anthropometric measurement and fitness. The fitness category is then split into two separate headings, muscular and flexibility fitness. 

• Definition of physical fitness within PFSTT
Cardio vascular fitness is defined as the ability to carry out and continue physical activities involving the whole body with endurance for long periods of time.  Physical strength is the amount of force on the body in exerting maximum force.  Power is defined by the ability to release maximum force quickly and it combines speed and strength. Speed derives from how quickly a distance is covered or a movement is completed.

• Flexibility fitness defined within PFSTT
This amounts to joints moving easily through exercises. It also includes hand-eye coordination, balance and reaction times.

• Partial curls
Partial curls are considered a good test for good posture and abdominal muscles. They align the hips properly and prevent any serious muscular problems in the lower back area. This is part of the muscular fitness category.

• Trunk Lift
Flexibility and strength of the extensor muscles of the back are tested using this method, and again it is part of the muscular fitness category.

• Right angle push ups
This is the test for upper body and arm muscles and it is also used to evaluate endurance. 

• Sit and Reach
This is useful in testing the hamstring muscular flexibility. It promotes a healthy back and prevents any hyperextension to the knees. This comes under part of the flexibility fitness category.

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