What Are The Materials Needed In Performing Physical Fitness Test?


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You don't really need any materials to perform a physical fitness test apart from appropriate clothing and footwear.

There are several different versions of the physical fitness test such as the one the army use and the one they use in schools. However much of the test has the same principals.

Most physical fitness tests consist of the following:

• Press-ups
• Sit-ups
• 2-mile run

Therefore all three activities can be completed without the use of extra equipment. But as stated earlier it is obviously wise to wear running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt or vest, so you do not get too hot and uncomfortable when completing the test.

Like with any test, practise makes perfect and so before you attempt to complete the physical fitness test it is crucial you get a lot of training in beforehand.

Practicing press-ups and sit-ups will build up your strength and so you will find you should be able to do a few more 'reps' each time. This way you will be able to do lots more press-ups and sit-ups in your actual test if you've conditioned your body correctly.

You should also start jogging regularly and doing two-mile distances to get ready for the run in the physical test. This will increase your stamina and you should find you can complete the distance in a quicker time when you are more physically fit.

Exercise should push you but everyone has their limit and so if you feel you can't do anymore then it is best to wind it down. You will find the more times you try the further you can go and the more strength you have so there is no need to overwork yourself in the first few tries.

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