what is fueling the drug epidemic in America, and what can be done to stop it?


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Dear Thrice Gotcha,

Even as I type this I HOPE my answer proves overly cynical...but I am concerned drugs are very profitable for the rich and powerful, perhaps even at government level - making control extremely difficult.

As to what can be done to stop it, this is one of those great concerns that it comes down to each of us common folk to do what we can...non-profit orgs, advocacy, prison reform, concern in our personal lives...

Because drugs can take over someone's life before you know it, and you just powerless to make wholesome choices...the lost potential is immense for both the person AND society.

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Drug use is actually down in America. You will never eliminate entirely. Too many people use them to escape.  As long as there is hurt and pain there will be people who will turn to drugs to try to avoid those feelings.

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The law of supply and demand. The demand is fueling the suppliers and lining their pockets. As soon as a humans want turns into a need, they will do anything to feed that need.

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What's fueling .....

The government......

How to stop it ...

You won't ....

It will never stop

$ on all sides profit, except the user

The user ends up in prison that generates more $ for that state ,

As soon as no one needs $

Then and only then will drug use decline .

If no one needs money , then doctors ,

Insurance companies, street dealers

And big dope dealers won't deal

Or sell to make $

Anyone can make moonshine.

Few can grow and process cocane

Cocane being my choice as most

Used in 1 for or another.

But there obviously are others

That destroys lives , and kills .

All for the love of $

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