What Causes High Neutrophils And Low Lymphocytes During Pregnancy?


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The pregnancy itself is the most likely cause of high neurophils and low lympocytes.

What is a neutrophil?
A neutrophil is the most common type of white blood cell. Between 50 and 70 per cent of white blood cells are neutrophils. They are the cells that are sent as the first line of defence against infections in the body. They are the main component of pus and are always in the bloodstream until they are called to the site of the infection. Before ingesting invasive bacteria, neutrophils release a net of fibres which trap microbes. As they ingest these, they release proteins. They are clever and absolutely essential.
What is a lymphocyte?
A lymphocyte is another type of white blood cell and is part of the immune system. There are two types; large granular lymphocytes and small lymphocytes. Large granular lymphocytes include natural killer cells which detect and destroy infected cells in the body. Small Small lymphocytes consist of T cells and B cells which essentially create antibodies.
What happens in pregnancy?
There is an increase in the total blood volume during pregnancy. It can actually increase by as much as 40 per cent by the 34-week stage. There is also an increase in white cells. So the high neutrophils can be caused by the pregnancy itself. The increase in blood can also account for the low lympocytes as it can have a diluting effect on them.
There are other causes:
Infections can cause high neurophils so speak to you doctor if you are concerned. But remember, high and low are relative concepts and are affected by pregnancy. What is high for one person may be normal for someone else during pregnancy.
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Normal levels of lymphocytes are 20%-40%. A high level of lymphocytes can be due to following conditions.
  1. Chronic bacterial infection
  2. Viral infections
  3. Viral hepatitis
  4. Multiple myeloma
  5. Lymphocytic leukemia
  6. Recovery from bacterial infection
  7. Infectious mononucleosis
Your doctor can also help in this regard.
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Am I okay? My WBC is within the normal range and my lymphocytes is slightly elevated. Should I do more tests?
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Does high lymphocytes affects the pregnancy?

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