I Have One Finger That Gets Cold The Others Are Warm. Can You Help?


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Cold fingers are normally a sign of bad circulation. It is slightly unusual that you are only experiencing this cold in one finger, which suggests that it could be related to your nerves. If you have experienced any damage or trauma to your hand recently then it could be that you have some nerve damage. Wearing tight rings on a particular finger can cut the circulation to your fingers. Avoid wearing jewellery on the finger for a while and see if that makes any difference. Alternatively loosen any rings you may wear on that finger and try moving and stretching it to see if you can get the blood flowing again.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a condition that can sometimes be diagnosed by cold fingers. Fingers go white and cold because the small blood vessels in the fingers become narrow. Often the condition will lead to severe colour changes in the finger but not all cases do. When the fingers do change colour they will first have a bluish tint and then go bright red. This is because the narrowed blood vessels use up all of the oxygen to the fingers and when the blood vessels open up again, the blood flows back through. It is something that is typically mild and occurs in infrequent and brief bouts lasting only a few minutes. Usually only the fingers are affected but in some cases the toes and other extremities may be too.

If you have noticed any change in colour to the finger that feels cold, you should speak to a doctor. This can be a sign of something more serious like a blood clot. Tell your doctor exactly which finger it is, if there’s any particular time and situation that you feel this temperature change and if you have any other symptoms.
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It may be a lack of blood flow in that finger, it sometimes happens to me too. Just massage it and you should be fine. But if you can't even feel it, you should go and see a doctor..
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There may be some nerve damage, whatever the case, have it checked out
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I've had this happen as long as I can remember. Random fingers, random times & situations.

me be PERFECTLY CLEAR on one thing. The finger is actually cold. I
don't mean that it feels cold just to that finger but it's actually
cold. When I put my hand on my face that one single finger will be cold
as hell compared to the rest on that hand.

There's no numbness, pain, loss of function or dexterity, it's just cold. It usually passes after a few minutes.

Googled this countless times & found no concrete answers as to why
this happens, only tons of other people with the same question, wrong
answers & a few bogus cure scams.

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My mom, my daughter, and I get this. I always remember my mom talking about it. Now I do so I asked my daughter and she said her pinkies are cold right now and her other fingers are warm. :) No idea what it is though.

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