What Is A Good ICD-9 Code For A BUN/Creatinine Lab Test To Determine A Patient Can Handle An MRI? The Patient Doesn't Have Liver ,Failure Or Insufficiency.


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What do you mean by a "good" ICD 9 code? An ICD 9 code is a medical code used to give classification to diseases, and can in no means be determined as good.

  • Talk to a doctor or medical professional. What you are asking me sounds pretty serious and i am in no position to comment on this because i am not a health professional. It sounds like you need to get in touch with your local hospital to determine whether this person can handle an MRI scan.
  • If this is some sort of exam or education-based, question, I recommend that you talk to your tutor or teacher if you do not understand fully what you are supposed to be doing. Alternatively, you could try ringing your local hospital and ask to speak to a nurse about the implications that an MRI can have on people and why an ICD 9 code would be required.
  • It doesn't matter if the patient has liver failure or insufficiency or not, there should be no reason why you would need to get an ICD 9 code to determine if a patient can handle an MRI. Surely the BUN/creatinine lab test will determine this and if it is carried out properly, this should give you any problems that need to be known about before an MRI goes ahead.
  • It is very dangerous to try and forge data like this because somebody's life could be at risk if the doctors are told the wrong information. Please speak to your hospital if there is any doubt over whether the patient should have an MRI scan or not.

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