After Taking Prometrium 200 Mg How Long Will It Take For You To Have A Period And Will You Ovulate During That Cycle? How Much Easier Is It For You To Conceive After And Before You Have Finished Taking Prometrium?


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Because we are not a medical authority, we are unable to answer the questions above. Instead, anyone who has these questions should seek a medical professional.

  • 'Prometrium' is a hormone replacement medication used to replace the lack of progesterone in women who have reached menopause.
This drug is not used when a person has had a hysterectomy. It will include some estrogen, but it is mainly to replace progesterone in those with menopause. The drug Prometrium can be used to bring about menstruation for those in their childbearing age that have stopped menstruating.

According to a medical site the drug is taken for 10 to 12 days every month, and for 16 to 18 days it is not taken.
Given the reasons for the use it is meant to restart a person's period or at least help during menopause to replace some of the hormones the body needs.

We cannot state for certain whether a period will start after the first few doses or how long periods may take to start again. We cannot say how long it may take to ovulate during the first cycle, whether periods return or whether one can become pregnant at that stage.

It may be possible that the drug will have an effect on pregnancy in that one may conceive more easily after the drug is taken; however, we cannot provide you with absolutes or even with a percentage of how likely it is. Instead, the only option we can give is for a person on Prometrium to speak with a doctor regarding the drug and the questions above.
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I found put today I was
Pregnant after one round promethium it is safe while your pregnant because I have to tale it through my first trimester
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Prometrium contains synthetic progesterone which work like natural progesterone. It has many indications and one of them is secondary amenorrhea.  If you have completed the dose then you can get periods 3 days after the discontinuation of the medicine. Prometrium does not inhibit the ovulation with therpautic dosage. This medicine can help in start of regular periods but does not help in concieving. Pregnancy should be avoided during prometrium use as it can cause birth defects.

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