How Long After You Conceive A Baby Does It Take To Show Up On A Pregnancy Test?


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After conception has taken place you can get a blood test done at the doctors I would recommend waiting at least a week for that type of test but if you don't want to do that as the results can take another week you could try a shop bought pregnancy test calculate when your next period is due and do a test a few days after as the hcg levels are much higher and a more reliable result will be given. Good luck x
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The pregnancy test is done by detecting the HCG or Human chorionic Gonadotrophin in the urine. This is an hormone produce by corpus leuteum in order to develop placenta and is excreted through urine. The HCG is secreted in blood in form of beta HCG immediately after conception. The detection of this hormone is earlier than in urine. Usually the pregnancy test become positive within 24 hours of conception. For more details, visit BETA HCG.
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From the first day of a missed period you can test but for best results wait till a week late of your period good luck

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