Is There Any Diet Pill For Teens?


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Any commercial pills are a waste of money, and even prescription drugs have been proven unsafe (phen phen).  No reputable doctor will give you pills to help you lose 20 pounds.  You may not care about the consequences.  Diet and exercise, my dear.  Talk to a doctor before you do anything
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I recently lost 65 lbs .before I started dieting I tried a lot of different deit pills and gyms and really neither one worked for me .the thing that worked for me was not eating out was the big thing unless I ate salad or subway and buying the lean meal for supper and 100 calorie snacks and jogging
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No pill is just going to make you loose weight immediately,  just eat half of what you would normally eat, exercisers, and theres always lacsitives to get food through your system faster, and really if your looking for a pill just go to Walgreen's, they have tons of them you can look at that aren't over the counter and are cheep, and drink juice instead of pop and blah blah blah and don't eat sweets and don't puke after you eat thats just nasty.
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ASK YOUR DOCTOR! Reason: Most diet pills aren't made for teens because they use chemicals that teen bodies aren't properly mature enough for. I hate this because I'm trying to lose weight too but such as life. Um matter how boring it is...really helps you get stronger and MELT AWAY the fat

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