What Are The Bad Effects Of Over Dieting On Our Body?


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Watching what you eat and making healthy choices about your diet is a great way to get the body shape you want.
But these days, it seems people have lost site of how far they can push their bodies.

People are so obsessed with wanting to lose weight, they disregard the effects this can have on their body.

The dark side of dieting
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the darker side of dieting is serious illnesses like bulimia and anorexia. These are serious conditions that are related to people's obsession with dieting.

Other negatives include the effects of all those 'diet pills' that seem to be all over the place.
Anything from heart disease through to high blood-pressure can be caused by these (often ineffective) medications.

How can dieting effect your body Proper and effective dieting is achieved by creating a balance.
You should be cutting out all the bad things that you might usually eat, and replacing them with healthier options.

Unfortunately, some people are so eager to see 'results' that they simply skip the 'replacing them with healthier options' part.

Instead, they starve themselves- thinking that this will achieve a faster result. Anything from hair loss through to death can come this type of drastic dieting.
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Over-dieting, or crash dieting (eating far too few calories each day), can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

For those who are older, it can make you more susceptible osteoporosis , a weakening of the bones due to calcium deficiency...

You can also see a lot of muscle tissue loss in addition to the fatloss, and early crash dieting speeds up the process of aging.  You may see more fine lines/wrinkles/sagging skin.

You can also see electrolyte imbalance, low blood cell counts, cardiovascular disorders and organ damage...

Not to mention moodyness, mood swings and lethargy.

So if you're at all thinking of doing something like this, I'd strongly advise against don't have to go to such extremes to lose weight, and if you do, any results won't be long lived anyways.

Find a working diet/exercise program and stick to it, that will yield the best results.

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Bad diet pills can be purchased two ways: Prescription and non-prescription.

The prescription diet pills are usually given to patients who have a body mass index of 35+. An accurate measurement of body mass should be done in a nurse or doctor's office. These diet pills are approved by the FDA and may be effective for patients in certain doses. Do NOT consider them to be a replacement for regular diet or exercise. Believe it or not, the most common bad diet pills, the ones with the worst side effects, are surprisingly those that are prescribed. I suggest you The Zone diet calculator through this you get more results about What is the zone diet .

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In the modern age fitness is essential for everyone if it would men or women.
There is proper way for diet and exercise but some people do not choose right way.
They do so much diet and become thin and weak people, which have no energy for daily work. We should choose proper diet, which includes only healthy and proper things, which also give us energy for daily work.
Edible things protect us from many diseases.
Fruit like orange is beneficial for skin.

There are many vegetables, which protect us from many diseases. Spinach is helpful in increasing HB.
Over diet causes many diseases like weakness, digestive problems and lower HB. It would also cause some big problem. In this case you have to admit in some hospital.

Some models do so much diet and even have no energy for smiling at the stage.
In the profession like modeling you have to maintain proper weight otherwise you would be out from this profession. We should maintain ourselves at proper weight. We should live and enjoy healthy.

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