Can You Donate Plasma While Taking Vicodin?


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Yes you should be able to donate plasma whilst you are taking Vicodin.

Before you donate plasma you will have to undergo a full medical screening - which usually involves a full medical history interview, a medical examination and a blood test.

If you are on a prescribed course of Vicodin, you may still be able to donate plasma, but make sure you inform the doctor at the medical examination.

Can you donate plasma if you take Vicodin?

  • Just because you are on a prescribed course of medication does not mean that you cannot make a plasma donation.
  • In some instances the medication you are on could potentially be harmful to the patients receiving your plasma.
  • If you are still uncertain if Vicodin (or any other form of medication you may be taking) is not allowed, then call or visit your local medical centre and ask them directly.

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