How Long Does 10mg Valium Stay In The System?


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It will stay in the system for between 3-4 days after the effects have worn off, though prolonged use will see it taking longer to get out of the system.

Valium is the marketing term for diazepam, a drug used for relaxation of muscles, the central nervous system and to reduce anxiety, it is a benzodiazepine derivative drug. It is also used to treat epilepsy, insomnia and other such illnesses. The tablet itself is regularly given out by doctors though has been replaced by more modern drugs like Xanax in recent years.

10mg of Valium is a reasonably substantial dosage and would be enough to relax someone to a drowsy state. The length Valium takes to leave the system is known as the pharmacokinetics of Valium.

Taking Valium orally will see the drug act within 30 mins to two hours, with peak effects being felt after about one hour after it begins to work. The drug will last at a dosage of 10 mg for between two to five hours.

Valium works by sedating the GABA in the brain, this causes it to slow down or stop receiving nerve signals this causes its effects.

Valium is popularly still used for endoscopes or anything that involves foreign objects being placed into the body. This is because it relaxes people and their muscles meaning it is much easier to perform these tasks. Many surgical procedures also use Valium as a sedative or anaesthetic.

Drug tests do show up Valium use though if you have a current prescription it should not be of any problem. Use of prescription drugs not prescribed to you is illegal so they may not be ideal to take a drug test if you have taken Valium in the days before a drug test.
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I get tested every 2 weeks and I have 10mg normally the day after a test and have done this for 2 years and it's always been negative ( enough said )
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Valium 10 mg only, should probably be out of your system in 24 hrs if thats all you had. If you would of had anymore within three days of that it will have taken at least 72 hrs.
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What proof do you have that 1 10mg valium will be out of your system in 24 hours if that is the only valium or any other drug you have taken in months?
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Valium is detectable for many days, but only detectable. That means that after 24 hours it is still in your body but it is no longer acting on your nerve system; only tiny leaks from the fat tissues might be present, but they are absolutely insufficient to act on your nerve system.
Therefore it is approx after 24 hours that you can find out if you are experiencing withdrawal symptons, as what is left in your body, at that point, is statistically and medically insignificant.
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Not true, I've been abusing all drugs for 25 years, I took 30 2mg xanax in one day and 5 days later it was out of my urine, benzos cutoff is 300ng/mg for most standard drug tests and taking one valium will be out of your urine in 48hrs.  Trust me, I know, been there thousands of times
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I took a 10mg valium 10 days ago and tested negative today but I was barley under the cutoff point the line in the dip stick was very faint but still a negative. That stuff sticks around for a long time. This test was for probation and after reading all this stuff on the web I thought I was going to jail for sure but nope negative.
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Valium has a longer half life than Xanax, Ativan and Serax.  It stays in the system longer and therefore can be detected if it is still in your system.  Benzos are generally released from your system depending on dosage.  The benzos with a shorter half life will not remain your system as long as the Valium.  If you take 30 tri-score Xanax, five days sounds about right.  But if you take 50 Valium, it's likely they will remain in your system longer.  Everyone's metabolism is different.  Yes, it makes sense that the more water and fluids consume, the sooner you will pee it all out.
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Urine drug testing will 10 mg of valium show up after 3 days
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Even if you only take 1 valium one time it can be detected for as long as 30 days. Trust me I know for a fact due to personal experience. I once took one 5 mg valium and had a drug test 28 days later. I was shocked but it still did show up in my urine. Anybody that says it only takes a few days to be out of your system doesnt know what they are talking about.
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Valium is a benzo. All benzos take 14 days to leave the system. Some people say 2 or 3 days but that information is false.
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Benzos stay in the system for a long time compared to other drugs. With one time use, it stays in the system 2 weeks. With chronic use, can take up to 6 weeks to fully be out of the system.
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Valium has a half life 50-100 hrs. It usually clears your system with in a week with normal drug testing not detecting it.
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Peak times an 1hr-hour and a half...but it stays in system for at least 24 hours+ ....should last around half a waking day
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I agree I had a test 3 weeks after taking 200 mg in one day at it should up in urine test just don't do the stuff

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