I'm Pregnant And Has No Where To Live, What Am I Entitled To?


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Can you get yourself off to see your doctor as soon as possible and ask them to give you some advice and help as to social services and coucilling help for young people in your position.
You may be able to get help to rent a flat or rooms so you need to find out what benefits you are entitled to for you and your baby when he or she arrives.
Do you have no-one at all who canhelp? Where are you living now?
If your partner or parents won't help you need as much advice and practical support as you can get. Look up preganacy advice centres in the phone book or on the internet and get yourself along to talk to someone. It sounds as if your baby's father isn't supporting you so you need to think about yourself and baby perhaps alone. Try and stay were you are now and if your in employment ask about maternity leave and benefits. If you're unemployed speak to a benefits adviser, if you're a student ask a student welare adviser for help.
Don't despair, it's easy to say that but someone will be able to advise you and hopefully help ypu to make some desisions to help you and good luck to you.
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Oh wow. If you are pregnant then you do not need to be alone. Find a doctor ASAP and if you have a friend, try and stay with them just until you get on your feet. If you don't have any family to stay with, then just stay with someone you know...Whether it be a friend, or a relative if not your immediate family. I hope everything works out for you and your child....
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My best answer is to trust in your heart and go to your family, the lord or you can go to a church and they can/might set you up with a job and a hotel room. For at least one month or more they will provide you with food and all the necessities.
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Go to the church and see if they can help you in any way at all, and see if they can help to get you into a shelter so that you can get up on your feet. There are many places like that to help you out. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you.
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Do you want to be pregnant? If you don't just have the baby and put it up for adoption if you want to keep your baby, don't make stupid choices. Don't drop out of school or anything. Finish your education.
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My girlfriend is 11 weeks gone, she's in work and I'm currently out of work. We both need a place to live and I wonder what we're in titled too. I am also going to speak with a doctor this afternoon
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Make an appointment with your Doctor and ask for advice and explain your situation. Your doctor will know whats best for you to do.
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I have my first scan  on the 5 of feb I am staying with a friend but have to find accomidation will I be housed I live in sw london
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There are no entitlements. A person can apply for aide but there are no guarantees they will get the aide. It also depends on where you live. It also relates to whom the Father is or maybe and why is he not providing support. There are many issues related to your situation but there is no mandate that you are entitled to anything. There are assisted living shelters designed specifically for women with children. Perhaps this is where you should look first in the area you live.
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Ignore easwar_tex' post. Do not let how people treat you, or you think they are treating you, affect how you feel about yourself.  Don't be ashamed of yourself.  Don't be afraid.    Most definitely find a doctor.  There are free clinics and doctors if you need, and they do care.  Trust talking to them.  But whatever you do, find a doctor.    Many people are or have been in a similar situation  And many people are out there to help you.    It's depends where you live, but look in the phonebook for a doctor or clinic if you don't have one.  In the U.S. Planned Parenthood can be helpful.  www.plannedparenthood.org  Search online for organizations and government agencies.  There are people to trust.    Take care of yourself. Emotionally and physically.  Good luck. You will be ok.

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