I Had LEAP Surgery When I HPV. Now That I Am Married, Does This Have Any Affect On Me Getting Pregnant?


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I had tried for 2 years to become pregnant. Then, I had a LEEP in late April of 2006...and, I got pregnant in early June of 2006. I had some mild complications due to an incompetent cervix because I got pregnant so soon after the procedure, but nothing serious that couldn't be taken care of with modified bed rest. I had a healthy baby girl in March of 2007. When it comes to pregnancy after LEEP, there is definitely a good chance of getting pregnant. The only thing you need be concerned about would be an incompetent cervix, but only if it has been less than a year since your surgery when you get pregnant. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the effects of your procedure because chances are, there will be none to worry about. Just be sure to continue seeing your GYN because chances of recurring HPV are higher than than negative effects on pregnancy. Less than a year after my daughter's birth, I am pregnant again, and I also had an abnormal PAP again, which will require another LEEP after the baby is born...Good luck to you, and stay healthy for your future baby!
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There are usually only complications if the surgery was very deep or you had it several times. If your doctor thought the LEEP procedure would cause you any problems s/he would probably have told you, but you may want to ask to make sure. Meanwhile, you  may like to look at  the experiences of some other people similar to yours -  usually very positive. Please click here.

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