I'm Pregnant And I Have A Coil. What Is Going To Happen With My Baby?


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If you are pregnant and still have an IUD, it is very dangerous for your baby. Because he will not find a place to implant in uterus and will be wasted. am not sure about his survival after removal of coil.
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Not only is this very dangerous for your baby, but for you as well. A tubal pregnancy must be terminated as quickly as possible to avoid rupture of the fallopian tube which could potentially be fatal. If by some wild stretch of the imagination the pregnancy is in fact uterine, the growth of the baby could mean movement of the IUD, which could cause serious problems for you such as puncture of the uterus, or serious problems for your baby such as birth defects or, most likely, death. As I said below...See a doctor!
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I have never heard of a uterine implantation with an IUD...are you sure you're pregnant? If yes, have you been informed of a tubal pregnancy? How far along are you? See an OB/GYN IMMEDIATELY!!!
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I Had an IUD fitted and it is now three months that I have had it. I have regular periods and so I missed my periods, I had a test yesterday and it came out positive..I am worried..what is going to happen..I need help ASAP

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