How do i hurt my knee so that it is badly injured?


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Forget your knee, it sounds like you need your head tested.

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Why would you want too?!?! You will regret it forever.....and it will hurt you for a long don't that's a stupid question.

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My right knee is always clucking when I bend it, what should I do?

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From wrist to knee .. I don't get it!  What ever it is that you are trying to escape  from is not worth a severe injury that will haunt you for your entire lifetime. Seek help ! Deal with whatever it is that is plaguing you!

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WHy would you want to hurt your knee on purpose? You will regret that the rest of your life. Think about how hard it will be to walk or just to get around. Try using a pair of crutches for a while then think about doing that all the time. It is not fun.
If you want attention, rent a wheelchair. Don't hurt yourself.
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There are many ways. Let me warn you now though that once your knee is badly injured, it will never ever fully heal back, and it will hurt for the rest of your life. The easiest way is to just hyper-extend it or twist it in some odd position. Twist it until it hurts, then keep twisting it until it snaps. Then your knee will be badly injured and you will regret it for the rest of your life
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Wow you shouldn't do anything take it from some who has Reconstruction surgery on her knee that once you do it you can't un do it no matter what it makes it hard to play sports and sometimes just to walk you don't what to do that trust me

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