How Can I Tone Up My Legs Without Doing High Impact Exercises Which Can Hurt My Knees?


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Many of us want to tone up our legs to look good in a pair of shorts or a nice skirt for the summer time. Long slim legs are something most women want – especially if they don't meet at the top.
Our knees, however, are very fragile areas. They take quite a beating and once they are damaged it can be permanent. For people who have knee problems, high impact exercising like running is not recommended as the pounding from impact is not good for the joint.

If you are looking to tone up then there are three great things I can suggest.

Swimming – it provides excellent support for your body but requires a lot of physical work from you. A lot of the power comes from your legs – especially in the breast stroke. Its also a great cardio-vascular workout.

Cross Trainer – all the feelings of running but without the impact. The cross trainer can give you an upper and lower body workout. You can also 'reverse' and work different parts of your legs. Get a gym instructor to help.

Yoga – great for timing you up! A lot of it is about core strength and a good teacher will guide you through the best moves to aid your ailments.

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