How Can You Break Down The New OP, OxyContin, Into Powder?


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How to break down the new op into a powder?

It is possible to break down OxyContin into powder, but it's very difficult to do and not advised.

Breaking down medications into powders so that they can be snorted or injected carries some serious risks.

  • The primary problem is dosage. It's difficult to understand how much has been taken when the consumer has ground tablets up into powder form. This means that you could overdose on the drug - which could obviously lead to serious medical complications.
  • The other problem is the fillers present within the tablets. Prescribed tablets contain fillers which aid the pill's digestion and absorption in the body. These fillers are not designed to be ground up and administered via injection or snorting - and when they are, they can quite easily cause blockages in a person's bloodstream or lungs. Again, this will cause serious medical problems.
OxyContin is a pain-killer prescribed to patients who are suffering from moderate to severe pain.

The medication is an opioid which is similar in its molecular construction to morphine, and the affects of OxyContin last for an extended period of time.

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