How Can You Find Out If Your Man Is Shooting Blanks? Any Other Way To Tell Besides Going To The Doctors?


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If a man's sperm is clear and runny, he is usually infertile. Also, any medications or drugs he puts in his system can affect his ability to produce.
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You can buy a microscope w/ slides. Collect a sample and put on the slide.  Then examine the sample to check quantity and movement!!! It works!!
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Hi.some times you just have to be patient with will happen at the right Time. A mouth that is not long at all.some people try for years.I think your just A little anches. For it to happen right a way.. And he could go to the dr and Get some kind of test done. To see if hes. Ok to have kids..   Good luck.
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To tell the honest truth..if you want to find out without going to the doctors have a lot of sex and see if you get prego!!!
That's the only thing I can think of..
good luck!!!

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