What makes your blood boil? Like what is really annoying to you?


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Jessie Profile
Jessie answered
Narrow minded people.
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
Anyone who gets annoyed to the degree you are hinting at should try to get anger management therapy.
Otherwise they may boil over altogether.
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
When I Am Misunderstood..(it happens to me a lot)
Lalala XD Profile
Lalala XD answered
Ppl misunderstanding me, back stabbers! Ppl with pathetic attitude, rude and immature girls and the freaking confusing thoughts that keeps on going in my mind which i cant figure out!!!
---thats all-- (:
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
Dumb people or people who act dumb. Girls who say they want
to fight me then they don't.  Annoying teachers who think they can tell me
what to do.
VAMIRECHAY VampiresRule Profile
  1. People who talk trash behind your back
  2. Two faced people
  3. Bullies
  4. Sexist people
  5. Racist people
  6. People who think they're everything
  7. Unfair people.
  8. People who take the mick out of Touretts and OCD (I have them)
Well, these things dont get my blood boiling but it certainly annoys me...
Bre Fawn Profile
Bre Fawn answered
Lol never heard that one! Ummm...when people say something i know isn't true, and i protest against it and they don't budge...even thought it's a sid where i would know!!! Ugh...humans =P

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