My Doctor Tells Me, I Have Arthritis On Forefinger And Told Me To Exercise The Finger. I Have Done That For The Past Three Weeks. The Pain Sometime Can Be Severe And My Finger Is Now Slightly Bend And Swelling. Is There A Cure For This?


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For any inflammation, the best thing to do is to take NSAIDS.  (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.)  These include Motrin, Aleve etc.  You can't take one dose and get a good outcome, these meds need to have a therapeutic level in your system.  That means that you need to take them, as directed, for longer periods of time.  Slowly the inflammation should subside and your finger will feel better.  Good luck.
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I don't have any pain, just a little stiffness in both my index fingers.  The left one is bending towards the left and the right one is bending towards the left as well.  Should I visit a Dr.?  Is there anything that can be done.  This has been going on for years, but this past year the disfigurement of my fingers is more pronounced.

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