How Many Weight Watchers Points Is A Cup Of Black Coffee?


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There are Zero Weight Watchers Points in a cup of Black Coffee without sugar or sweetener. A cup of plain Black Coffee contains just 2 calories. However, when adding sugar or sweetener the points total increases. If, for example, you were to visit your local Starbucks and order an iced black coffee there would be 60 calories present (equivalent to 2.5 Weight Watchers Points). This is because the iced black coffee contains a base liquid sweetener similar to condensed milk. This is blended up before the coffee is added and then subsequently blended with the coffee. When visiting Starbucks for a black coffee you must specify that you would like an unsweetened black coffee to ensure that you are virtually calorie free and therefore point free. There are a number of calorie-free sweeteners available on the market if you can't abide the taste without something to take the edge off it. These include Sweet 'N Low, Equal and Splenda. If drinking excessive amounts of black coffee, it is possible that you will be using some Weight Watchers points. There is approximately 1 Weight Watchers point in 12, 6 fl oz cups of black coffee. The Weight Watchers website states that you need to watch what you are adding to your coffee, and that some coffees can contain as many as 12 points, once they have been topped off with cream, sugar, syrups and chocolate shavings. The safest way to ensure calorie free coffee and also that you don't use Weight Watchers points in your hot drinks seems to be to limit yourself to two or three cups of black unsweetened coffee a day.

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