How Do You Figure Weight Watchers Points?


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Heres how you calculate weight watchers points for any kind of food:

1st: *you take the calories of the food & divide it by 50.

1.2nd:  *then you take the fat of the food & divide it by 12.

2.3rd:  *then you take the dietary fiber & divide it by 5.

Then you take the first two #'s that you got & add them together then you subtract the last # from your sum that you got from adding the first two #'s together.

After doing all this, the final # that you get, round it off & thats the point value for that food...hope this helps...good luck!
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Weight Watchers is a company formed in 1960 by Jean Nidetch to help people with weight problems with their weight loss products. It helps people to lose weight with proper diet. It is operated in more than 30 countries. Weight Watchers also provides online help to the people. It has 2 main plans, the Flex program and the Core program. The Weight Watchers program come with a POINTS system, which means you can check the contents of a food serving by using the following formula.

P(c,f,r)=c/50 + f/12 – min{r,4}/5

P=number of Points
C=number of Calories
F=grams of Fat
R=grams of dietary fibre

This is the best way of figuring the weight watchers points.

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