My toenail turned black and is lifting from the nail bed. How do I tell if it's a bruise versus nail fungus?


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Lauren Wolfe answered
You may have nail fungus if one or more of your nails show the following signs:
- thickened
- brittle, rugged or crumbly
- distorted in shape
- dull with no luster or shine
- a dark color caused by debris building up under the nail.

If you notice these,  it is best to see a doctor immediately to get the right prescription or make use of otc anti-fungal treatment, such as ZeroFungus to eliminate the cause of the problem.

In your case though, it is possible that you have what others call black toenail, which you may have acquired from walking or running. Such condition happens if your foot slides forward in your shoe, banging your toes against the top, front, and sides with each step.  Such pressure and impact can damage your toenail beds, or create a blister under the toenail itself, and when left unattended can cause your nails to turn black.

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