Who is stronger at arm wrestling big tall woman vs average muscular thin man much shorter and smaller and why?


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The man will most likely be stronger, but there are numerous variables.

According to a study by the US Army men have more upper body strength. In fact, they have 70% more upper body strength than women. This is just one test. In an arm wrestling contest a taller and bigger woman may have equal or less strength than an average muscular man, who is short and smaller. The study shows why the man might be stronger. Tests have been used to prove that men have better upper body strength than women.

Now, even though one is inclined to believe the man would be stronger despite his smaller size, one also has to look at the training both have had. If the women is simply taller and bigger in the arms that does not mean she is actually stronger. A six foot woman can have thick arms due to bone density and her body weight. It does not mean the arms are actually muscular just because they are bigger.

On the other hand if the woman has trained her arm muscles; so that there is little fat in the arms, she may be equal or stronger than the small guy. Training is the main factor to the answer in this question. Since, it was stated that the woman was just big and tall this does not mean she trained to gain muscle. It did state the man was muscular, thus it is again going to be the man that most likely has the more strength.

Just because a man is thin does not mean he does not have good arm strength. In fact, a thin man usually does not have a lot of body weight thereby giving him more muscle.

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