How to pass a alcohol assessment in pa? It's needed to get drivers license back after dui.


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dAN FRANKLIN answered
If this is your first alcohol- related offence it is easy to pass the test. Just don't drink for a week prior to test and when you answer questions, say you drink a litle and sometimes but not much and repeatedly. Don't say you've had depression or drinking in family history and you should be ok.
If this is your second alcohol-related trouble- nothing will help, they will say you're an alcoholic
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JR Harris answered
The length of time in DUI School depends on many factors, including the results of a substance abuse assessment. For information of determining how they use and rate these assessments you can check out:

“The mission of DUI School Truth is to identify the testing and evaluation criteria of the various substance abuse programs used by the United States, relating to the Department of Motor Vehicles licensing of drivers. DUI School Truth compiles information on what they are looking for, how they score the tests, and provides this information to the participants of the various programs as a free public service and is not to be considered as legal or any other kind of advice. The information has been gathered from numerous sources and presented here for the reader as a free public service.”

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