Can A Person Pass An EtG Alcohol Test After 24 Hours?


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It is very unlikely that a person can pass an EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) test after 24 hours.

The test is very sensitive. It can even pick up small amounts of alcohol found in many household and personal hygiene products such as hand sanitisers, cosmetics, laundry products and antiperspirants.

An EtG alcohol test is a reliable and accurate method of detecting alcohol consumption, because it is not subject to fermentation, adulteration, or cross-reactivity. 

EtG is a natural by-product of alcohol metabolism.  Everybody metabolizes alcohol at a different rate and the amount of EtG produced from exposure to alcohol can vary by as much as 200%.

EtG can be found in the system for up to 80 hours and can be present after just one drink. Being a direct metabolite of ethanol, EtG remains in the body even when the ethanol is completely metabolized.

EtG was described in the early 1950s, but has only been used as an alcohol marker since 2001. The Swiss doctor Fredrich Wurst and American doctor Gregory Skipper demonstrated that an EtG alcohol test was a more reliable and sensitive indicator of both drinking and abstinence than urine alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is highly associated with other substance abuse and with problematic behaviour including physical assault, dangerous driving, sexual assault and other criminal acts.  EtG testing results in greatly reduced rates of substance abuse.  Initial tests detect signs of drinking in 50% of participants, falling to 5% in those tested regularly.
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EtG is a metabolite of ethyl alcohol, so it remains in the body well after the alcohol has been processed. Vigorous exercise, and drinking water will help your body to "burn" all those alcohol calories quickly.

The faster the alcohol is metabolized by the body the better, because once all the ethyl alcohol has been used up, there will be no new EtG being introduced - at this point it is all in your body.

Diluting the sample can work, but there is no guarantee. The objective is to consume enough water that the body is forced to excrete the excess water at such a high rate that the amount of EtG by volume is below the threshold (also referred as the cut-off level) of the test, (e.g. 100 ng/ml).

One thing to be careful of is that creatine levels are tested to determine if the sample has been diluted, because this will cause an invalid test result. As a precaution, taking a creatine supplement will boost the level of creatine in the urine, helping to eliminate this problem from the sample.

Good Luck. As an aside, it is of no value to tell people they shouldn't drink or that they have a drinking problem if they are unwilling or unable to stop, despite the consequences. These people have come to this forum with questions about how to pass a urine test, not for strangers' opinions about whether or not they should be drinking.
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The window for an EtG is 36-48 hours for the average person - 80 hours is the outside limit. Drink water and make sure to urinate a lot before you test. Don't drink anything at all at least 2 hours prior to testing. You are trying to keep your bladder full of fresh urine not dilute the sample.

The amount of EtG that can enter your urine decreases as time passes. You don't want EtG from the morning in your urine, you want the least amount possible. Go at the latest possible time.

Don't try to adulterate the sample. If you get caught, you get caught. Learn from it and don't chance it. The stress is just too much.
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I drank about 12 beers, and passed an EtG test 65 hours later. I just drank plenty of water, tea, coffee, Poweraid, and orange juice. I took multivitamins, worked out some (not much), ate a little protein, vegetables, and foods with fiber for digestion.

Basically, I just made sure that I was going to the bathroom a lot, and otherwise took it easy. On the day of my test I was fairly diluted, with B-vitamin complex for color.

On a previous occasion, I drank about 13 - 14 beers worth, and failed an EtG test 40 hours later (my EtG level was about 850ng/ml). I drank quite a bit of water (not as much as the other time), but didn’t work out or take any other measures. I was almost completely sedentary from the time I drank to the time I got tested.

That’s my experience, just relaying the info for those interested.
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I have to take those for probation. Recently I failed one. I drank two glasses of wine at dinner the night before and waited until the place was close to closing before I went in. I failed. So I am going to say you probably wont pass unfortunately....
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I have passed ETG tests having consumed copious amounts of whiskey
the night before. Try Omni detox drink. It's a freakin' life saver.

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I have passed about half dozen etg urine tests in as little as 17 hours after having several hard drinks.  I am not proud of this.  I was not ready to get sober when they were trying to me get sober.  But now I pass bcuz I finally decided to get sober, and I truly am happier! Here's how I did it:

I drank a ton of tea and coffee, literally a whole pot of each as soon as I got up.  I am also on a mild diuretic (you can buy it OTC ior take Midol), don't know if that affects it.  Ate normally and drank several bottles of water.  About 2 hours before the test I took a multivitamin and drank a double EmergenC (2pkts in 8oz water) so it wasn't diluted. Then nothing else.  I always peed some in the toilet first and got midstream urine in the cup.  My testing is always observed.  I always passed, the etg level used in my lab is 200ng/ml.

I will say that it is so much easier now to know it's clean.  Good luck, I had DUIs and am lucky not to be in prison, and am now grateful to have not harmed anyone and grateful to be sober.  I drank because I was miserable and it made me feel better, but it really just made me feel numb.  I never thought I would be active in AA, but it has been a lifesaver and I have met some wonderful people there, also some crackpots. The steps are a guide to life when you work them with someone who knows what they're doing.

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Interesting to hear the contradictory posts presented without qualification.  I've found the 80-hour rule to be safely consistent, but there's not a lot of empirical data for small amounts of exposure closer to the test.  Also, the data is not consistent because the reported testing is not specified.  (If you've ever worked in a lab then you know it's often just a job, like McDonald's, where the results are the same but the process can be pretty messy).  

The toughest part is being honest when you might be prosecuted for a < 100/ng result.  You can't argue with an AA-based Tx if you agreed on complete sobriety.  It's like trying to bluff your way through when you don't understand what a "higher power" might be.

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You should be able to pass the test because it usually takes up to 24 hours to get out of your system, depending on what you were drinking, and how much. Good luck.
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There will be traces in your system, it is said aprox 3 days or 72 hours for alcohol to completely disipate your system,prior to that time there will be traces and maybe small amount,I'm not sure the amount needed for them to declare you clean or free of alcohol as there is a certain amount that is considered normal......good luck  
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No. Water and saunas will not help get EtG out of your body any faster.  The alcohol simply has to work its way through.  Especially, if you have dranks 2 days prior to the test, then the alcohol is already in your blood system.  There is no real way to get it out of your system quickly.  It just has to work its way through the body.
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Ethyl glucuronide is an metabolite of alcohol. You can not pass EtG test in 60 hours because Ethyl Glucuronide can stay in the system for 80 hours or five days. EtG test can not tell quantity of alcohol consumed but can tell that alcohol was used within last 80 hours. EtG test is conducted in the urine.
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Read the Oxford Journal studies Mo. One to three drinks will NOT show up even using mass spectrum GC for more than 40 hours. It takes a massive drinking episode (8 drinks plus) to have the results you are speaking of. Be informed before you answer one of these as mis-information is the worst kind and completely useless.
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Thanks Anonymous. I'm quite familiar with this test and your reference is correct. @Muhammad, What on earth are you talking about? I hope your occupation does not involve giving advice. I'd hate to be your client.
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I don't know if you will or not but it seems to me that Johnboy is right. If you have a glass of wine with your lunch it does not mean you're an alcoholic. Alcohol taken with food is buffer by the food from hitting your system like a bomb and making you drunk very fast. No person who drinks in a responsible way should be classed with people who drink and drive or start fights in bars, or use liquor as an excuse for getting violent where ever they may be.
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The best way to "pass an EtG test" is to avoid all exposure to alcohol,
and if you are being tested for EtG, presumably you should not be
drinking anyway. The EtG should only be used in people who should be
totally abstinent. (For people who are drinking legally there's not
rationale for EtG testing. EtG doesn't document impairment as does
breathalyzer or blood alcohol, because it remains positive far after
alcohol has left the body.)drink plenty of water to dilute your system
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