What intelligence, which involves information-processing skills such as memory, calculations, and analogy solving, declines in late adulthood?


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Fluid and crystallized intelligence, which involves information-processing skills such as memory, calculations and analogy solving declines in late adulthood.

Both these aspects of human psychology correlate with each other. Fluid intelligence allows an individual to be able to think logically to solve problems without having any prior acquired knowledge in the field. This knowledge is acquired through using techniques such as inductive and deductive reasoning where an individual uses ingrained skills such as mathematical and problem solving skills to succeed in a particular area. It may include their reaction times for example.

Crystallized intelligence works hand-in-hand with fluid intelligence as it relies on knowledge that has been gained through experience. It should not be confused with memory though as this form of intelligence relies on a person's long term memory. This intelligence will have been developed through education, training or some form of cultural experience. It may include a person's breadth of general knowledge and their grasp of vocabulary.

As the individual gets older, they will find their long term memory starts to fade and some of their knowledge of particular subjects may also go as a result of this. Some manufacturers have noticed the need to keep the fluid and crystallized intelligence levels in the human brain in good practice. That is probably why in recent years we have seen an emergence in games such as 'Brain Training' for the Nintendo DS. This game tests reaction times, memory, numerical abilities and vocabulary.

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