My periods only last 3 days at the most can i still get pregnant as i dont seem to fall pregnant?


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If you have periods, it means that you are secreting egg sells.  Of course you can!  A Period is the secretion of egg sells that were not fertilised.  If you want to fall pregnant you have to conceive during your ovulation period.  This period is when the egg sells are secreted to be fertilised.  This ovulation period is tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth day after the BEGINNING of your period.  Good luck!
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Not really you dont have to be fertility to fall pregnant one thing is that your cant try for a baby because u wont get one and you can go to a ovulation calendar and thay will help thou you can still fall pregnant but your chances increase when your most ferltity so maybe dont try ive hear alot of ppl sayin there trying but never get anywhere but try not o and see what happens
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Yes, this is the right for you to get pregnant because after seven days of period you can conceive baby
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If you only have a period for 3 days, then you have a shorter cycle than some women, so your most fertile days will be less than normal .  If you are trying to fall pregnant, I suggest that the day after menstruation, if you count that as day 1 of your cycle I suggest you will be most fertile between days 10-12 . This is not exact but it is a good guide for you .
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Yes, you can still get pregnant, infact you need to be taking a the pill a FULL 30 days befoe u can safely use them as your only birth control, so yes its totally possible to fall pregnant due to this, however i do have to ask why take the pill? It seems to me your unsure of having a baby at this moment in time, maybe this is something you should talk over with your man, because taking the pill if already pregnant can harm the baby, even cause miscarriage, I calculate my ovulate days through this Ovulation Calendar Calculator, and I gain instant result.

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