How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant After Stopping Depo Shot?


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It might take you several months to fall pregnant after you have stopped the Depo shot.

Depo-Provera is similar to your own naturally produced hormone called progesterone. Every month, this hormone is produced by your ovaries for menstruation to take place. Depo is the injectable medicine that you took to prevent falling pregnant. Each injection will last for at least three months. Depo stops you from falling pregnant by preventing an egg being released from your ovary when you ovulate. If you have decided to fall pregnant, here are steps to do so after having been on this drug.
1.       If you feel that you are now ready to fall pregnant, it is wise to talk to your partner first before you stop the Depo shots.

2.       Visit your doctor and let him know that you want to stop taking the Depo shots because you want to fall pregnant.

3.       Discontinue using Depo. It could take a few months for your cycle to return to normal when you stop taking Depo.

4.       Keep a track of your ovulation. Ovulation will usually return within about three to six months; however, you might not have a cycle for 12 to 18 months after stopping the injections. Ovulation will usually occur around your mid cycle on days 14 to 16 if you have a 28-day cycle. You can track your ovulation by using a home ovulation kit or tracking your basic body temperature yourself. Your temperature will rise slightly for two or three days after ovulation. This is thought to be your peak time for ovulation and for being able to conceive.

5.       Be patient. It is possible to fall pregnant after you have stopped using Depo, but it could be delayed. You will usually begin to have a normal cycle 12 months from the time that you took your last shot.

6.       Speak to your doctor if your normal cycle has not occurred after a year without a Depo shot. You might need a fertility test.
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Yes, you can get pregnant if used depot shot for only once. During the recommended duration after the shot, chances of pregnancy are poor because some depot shots provide protection for 3 months. When the effects of the shots are over then pregnancy is possible in the coming cycle because once only use of shots does not has peripheral effects.
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You can't rush mother nature. The best way would be to get an ovulation predictor, so that you know when the mother to be is actually capable of getting pregnant. Without an egg present in the reproduction organ, in the right place, there can be no pregnancy. It is possible to have an egg removed surgically but the rate of fertilization from this is iffy, and it is expensive. There are kits sold at drug stores that enable you to determine when the woman is actually ovulating or putting an egg in the tube for fertilization. If this answer is helpful please click on a star next to the RATE THIS ANSWER, it would be very kind of you, thanks and Good Luck..*p
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It depends upon the type of shot you used. The norethesterone can take six months and medroxyprogesterone can take 6-18 months to bring things normal after discontinuation of the depot shot. Having periods does not means that you are ovulating. If you ovulate even then pregnancy take time after discontinuation of depot shot because the endometrium is hostile and does not allow implantation. Also the high progesterone levels of Depot cause progesterone plug in the cervix which does not allow sperms to enter in the uterus.

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Actually Depo Provera is a very effective contraceptive. A depo shot is totally effective for three months. However, the problem with Depo is that its effect usually lasts for more  than 3 months. Researchers say that it takes at least 8 months in most women to wear off. So its really not possible to say when you will get pregnant. You can try hard after your depo shot expires that is after a period of 3 months from the date of the shot. After the shot is over, take folate or any other daily vitamin.
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It normally takes 3 to 6 months for your cycles to get back to normal and it takes about 6 to 12 months to a healthy woman to get pregnant after depo shot. You are not ovulating and that's the reason you are not getting normal periods. I suggest you to take advice of fertility specialist, they will help you in getting pregnant as they understand this condition very well.
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First of all stop depot shot. If you are using norethesterone shot then it will take six months to become normal and if you are using medroxyprogesterone shots then the things will be normal in 6-18 months. So my advise is wait for six months after the discontinuation of the shot then visit doctor for advice.
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I have been taking depo for years last time my husband and I decided to have another child it took me a year for the medication to get out of my system there is really no way to rush it depending on how long you have taken the shot for is how long it will take for it to get out of your system
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Dr. Say it usually takes up to a year & 1/2 for most women to get pregnant after being on Depo for an extended period of time.  gives tips for getting preg. And mistakes to avoid. They have a free weekly newsletter you can sign up for with great tips.
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As your periods are normal you can get pregnant at any time. Just know your ovulation days and try to have sex on or before your ovulation. Normally a women get pregnant as early as within or after 6 months. However, every case is unique. Also check out this answer.
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How long could it take to get pregnant after using the depo shot only twice I had my last shot June 2009. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant ever since and haven't had any luck so far.
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I took it 1 month ago and I can't wait for the 12 weeks to come up because I want a baby do I have a good chance when this shot goes away in three months? I'm still getting my pd and this is my first and only time I got it.
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I stated using injection in july 2007 till february 2009, ever since march last year till now I've been trying to conceive and still nothing, I was wondering how long will it take before I fall pregnant. I only started seeing my periods in  october last year is it normal.

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