My period falls on my wedding date what can I do to change my cycle?


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Starma Scorpio answered
Ask your doctor, there are some forms of birth control that you rarely have a period on, or starting birth control right before your period might change it.  I think there are a couple ways but consult a doctor and do it safely.  I know when I was on the pill that if I was on my period and started my "white pills" early it would stop my period within a day.
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Unfortunately nothing dear!  Our periods occur on a different calendar than when we are getting married or anything else.  So if you love the guy, which you obviously do, go with it ... Sure it might frustrate him on wedding night, but if you tell him why, tonight is not a good night because I might become pregnent and it won't give us much time before we become a family, I expect he will understand.
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Its nature

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