I have my wedding on 20th August. Last month I got my period on 13th... I have an irregular cycle. Now that my marriage is nearing I don't want to take the risk, I just want my period before my marriage... Can you suggest any tablets for that?


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There are tablets that are available to stop your
period or at least to control it, however these are not simply
available to buy yourself due to heath risks. 

To enable you to get
these tablets it is advisable that you go and see your local GP and
explain to him your situation and he will be able to give you advice regarding the best solution to this problem. 

In most cases, he will prescribe you some tablets.

The reason you've mentioned for wishing to delay your period is
exactly what the doctor will want to hear and discuss with you. A valid reason is needed before he will make a prescription, you can't usually just request one when you want it... 

reasons that women wish to change the cycle of their period is for

  • if the period causes pain or uncomfort
  • if you are going on

  • for certain sporting events.
Your situation sounds like it will fall into the "reasonable request" category, and unless you have underlying health problems, I can't see a doctor refusing to offer you medication to solve your problem.
As for which tablet he will prescribe... There is a certain tablet that I have taken before
that you have to start taking before your period is due and
throughout when your period is due. You have to take the tablet three
times a day for about two weeks and after this your period will

It worked very effectively when I went on holiday. However to
obtain this tablet I had to go through my GP and this is what I
advise you to do too.

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