Red bumps on nipples fallowed by dry peeling skin?


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Olivia juniper answered
Hey I am 17 almost 18 and I had the whole nipple problem.
For me they had red bumps and were really itchy and pealed.
What I recommend is at first apply lotion to them.
Your bra can cause chaffing.
Second WASH ALL YOUR BRAS! Machine and handwash, or handwash a couple times in a row!
If don't wash your breasts or bras properly it will agitate your skin even cause a fungal infection like Di mentioned it could me.
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Susan Poche , Health adviser, answered

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Di Loosley answered
Could be a fungal infection like thrush.  Yes you can get it on your nipples!  Get it checked out by a doctor or anti fungal cream (if that's what it is) from your pharmacy.

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