What Can These Little Bumps Inside My Vagina Be?


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The little bumps that are on the inside of your vagina could be genital herpes. Genital herpes often shows itself as red spots or red bumps that can be either on the inside or the outside of the vagina. These spots may develop into blisters if they are left untreated.  The actual symptoms of genital herpes will vary from person to person therefore it is very important to get checked by your doctor.  When this condition is healing it may develop into open sores or blisters that will then scab over and fall off and then new skin will grow in the area. 
The severity and symptoms of this condition will vary from person to person. Some people will have mild symptoms whereas other people may experience some very severe symptoms.  This condition is often first noticed as little bumps that are around the vaginal area; however, some people can have bumps that are very big in size. 
It is very important to get checked by the doctor as the symptoms can become quite serious if not treated. These spots may grow if untreated and then they will burst and become very sore. The affected area will then dry up and develop into a scab; however, this will go away over a period of time and it will in almost all cases not actually leave a scar. 
There are some people that will develop a pimple close to their vagina and this is actually fairly common therefore do not become alarmed. If you are at all concerned about bumps around the genital area it is important to seek medical advice. When you talk to your doctor they will be able to give you medicated cream that will help to solve the problem. These spots can sometimes be the result of a yeast infection therefore it is best to get them checked so that you are aware of what you are actually dealing with.
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It doesn't sound like genital herpes to me, it sounds like genital warts which are very common. I don't think you can get genital herpes without some form of sexual contact with someone who has them, but genital warts can be easily transmitted without sexual contact. Sometimes you can get little lumps (very itchy) with thrush (candida albicans) which anyone can get - babies, don't have to have had sexual contact to get that. Tell your mum it itches, she will be able to take you to a woman doctor.
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Well I'm sexually active and I just noticed that I got bumps on the top of my vagina inside as well. It doesnt hurt, it doesnt sting, it doesnt itch. I was wandering if anyone would no a more accurate answer to this.
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Hey, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, asking your mom for help is the best thing to do... Personally in my opinion it sounds like it can be a couple things, so even if your not having sex you can still get Genital Herpes, it occurs when a contagious area comes into contact with a tiny break in the skin. Or it can be Syphilis and you can contract it when a infected lesion comes into contact with the soft skin of the mucous membrane found inside the vagina, urethra or with an abrasion during vaginal, oral and anal sex, even if there is no sexual penetration. 
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Obviously, as always, a doctor is your best bet to give you an exact diagnosis.

However, from what you have explained, aside from a yeast infection, they could be something called sebaceous cysts. These are bumps that occur on the labia majora from oily material blocking the sebaceous duct or gland in the skin. They are benign but can become infected or painful.

As I have said though, getting to your doctor and getting them to give you an exact diagnosis is your best bet to put your mind at ease.
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This is some type of virus other than STD it can be a Genital Herpes. And you should not feel embarrassed in asking about these from your mother. So do ask her as well. She'd definitely help you.
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Maybe not nervous, but definitely concerned. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible to find out what the bump is. You didn't say if it was an open sore or  just a raised bump. Or if you have any other symptoms. But you still need to see a doctor. If you do have Herpes then you need medical treatment as soon as possible.
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Every woman has the little bumps around the areola.  There are many types of bumps which appear on the vaginal lips.  Their appearance and exact location help identify them, but we don't have that luxury here.  You should have a doctor examine them and tell you what they are.
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I agree, it is not normal.  And to add to what bgirl525 said, it also sounds as though it could be an STD.  I would get in to see your Dr as soon as possible to rule out any infections.
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I'm 17, I'm a virgin and I also have little bumps lined up on the inside of my vaginal lip(only on one side) I had been itchy and a little sore so I finally checked it out and I noticed the bumps, I really don't know what to do for it, although this did help a lot thank you very much
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A white bump could be so many things! I would not be nervous until you see the doc. It could be as simple as heat rash or ingrown hair.
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I have the exact same thing. And I'm also not sexually active, and I'm terrified but at least now you know your not alone. I feel like I'm going to throw up I'm so worried tell me if you get an answer please.
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Not necessarily.  It could just be an irritation of some sort.  However, if it is herpes, it will be extremely painful to the touch.  Also, it may spread into a few more lesions in the coming days if it is herpes.  I noticed you posted this yesterday- have you had any changes since then?  Any vaginal itching, or pain, or swollen inguinal lymph nodes (in the groin)?  Also, before freaking out, try and think of whether you could have gotten it from anyone.  You're not going to have gotten it from a toilet seat or or any other way.  It will be from sexual contact, either genital contact or oral-genital contact (his/her mouth to your vagina).
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The white bumps in vagina if contain some fluid the it can be STD. The bumps can be herpes or due to bacterial infections. A differential diagnosis is required. Visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Well the only way to find out is visit a doctor and have some tests run. I would worry just because that is a serious thing... I wish you the best.

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