When will I ever get boobs? I am 10 years old today and I can not even fit into a 8AA bra. I am so sad :( All of my friends wear bras and i'm the only one left in training bras.


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Don't worry about what your friends are wearing sweety. You will start getting them probably when you turn 12 or 13 I started when I was 12. Everyone's body is different and some start late. Again I was 12 and now they are huge so I wouldn't worry about it. As long as your friends don't make fun of you because it's not right.
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try being 12

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Don't worry, they will come soon enough :D Best wishes, Crystal
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I got mine at 12 and they're still small and I'm nearly 16, it does suck, totally agree, but there's nothing you can do, just going to have to wait, they may come really fast and more than likely be bigger than mine lol :) xx don't worry about it.
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I had the same problem too. All of my friends had boobs except for me.I'm now 14 and I have bigger boobs than them now rofl:) Put on the bra and put tissues in them that's what I did.
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People get boobs at all diffrent times.
I got mine at 8. Some of my friends barley have boobs and they are in my class.
Don't be so excited about getting boobs.
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Doesn't matter if you grow big boobicles or small you have to learn to love yourself the way you are not learn to look like others. You are unique and everyone is beautiful in someone elses eyes :)
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You're 10.. Why does it matter if a 10-year-old has boobs or not? You shouldn't be worrying about that, besides most people I know their boobs started growing a little while after their first period. So be happy you don't have them because they come with cramping and blood.
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Oh God... Boobs are such a pain :/
I don't remember at what age I got them, I am almost a C.
Still, they're a pain, my back sometimes hurt, to dress you need to be careful that it doesn't look like you're trying to show it all off, in fact just because of your boobs guys get a whole other impression about you, it sort of makes me angry that when I am talking they don't look at my face.
Wouldn't that bother you?
Just wait for them to grow, they will come in time.
And hey you never know, late bloomers usually tend to be the most beautiful of all :)
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Seriously, you just need to wait more. Don't be so focused on boobs. I got mine a little after I was 11! So just slow down and try to be patient, because they will come.

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