How To Maintain A Perfect Figure Of 36-24-36?as Fast As Possible?


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If you have achieved the perfect figure either through hard work or by heredity, the number one thing on your mind is probably just how to keep this figure. The answer is the perfect combination of diet and exercise will keep your figure looking young for years.

The best way to not gain weight is burn off as many or more calories than you put in your body each day. You should get a good grip on the number of calories that your favorite foods contain and either cut down on your consumption of these foods or exercise enough where you burn them off. The number of calories in all sorts of food can easily be obtained through a Google search or if you eat out most restaurants have their foods listed along with the calories contained displayed inside the establishment, and if it is not in most cases they will give you a breakdown on their menu if you ask them for it.

Exercise is the other part of the fitness equation. Walking, biking, and treadmills are all good ways to burn calories and work your muscles. Many modern treadmills today actually have a calorie read-out on the their displays that can give you a real time look at how many calories you are burning at the pace you are currently walking. If you don't have a treadmill you can still consult with your doctor to help you to determine how much fat you are burning in the form of calories with a specific exercise.

Keeping a perfect figure and staying slim takes good hard work and sensible choices. By setting up a plan and sticking with it, you can achieve all of your fitness goals and keep your slim and trim figure until well into later in life.
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In the first place, who says this is a perfect figure? It's actually quite rare for a healthy grown-up woman to have these proportions. If you want to be slimmer, then the best answer is to take plenty of exercise, eat three balanced meals a day (ie a good mix of protein, vegetables and fruit, carbohydrates and a small amount of fats) avoid snacks and don't drink much alcohol or any sweet fizzy drinks. Boring? Yes, but it works and you can still enjoy your food and your life. Anyone who says there is a quick route to long term weight loss is lying.

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