How Can Maintain Our Health?


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Good health and clean environment goes side by side. To maintain a good health, it's necessary that we live in a clean and healthy environment. In addition to that we can have following measures.
1) Have a balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruits.
2) Drinking lots of water is a must to avoid dehydration.
3) Exercise daily to maintain fit and visit health-physician to have a health check-up on a regular basis.
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Everybody thinks EXERCISE EXERCISE. But we need to have protein, sugar, some meat carbohydrates and many more. You do also need to exercise at least 60 minutes a day. No need to worry as long as you maintain your balanced diet and healthy living it will be alright. We also need vitamins such as vitamin c which helps fight off flu. Vitamin c can be found in oranges and carrots. Hope this is useful
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There is a lot of consciousness in today's world about maintaining one's health and more importantly also slowing down the ageing process. However, the golden truth is one should have a good balance of rest, exercise and food to maintain one's health.

Obesity is a big concern in many parts of the world today. One such country is the United States of America where per current statistics, about 31%, or about 59 million people, are obese. Obesity is defined as roughly 30 or more pounds above the healthy weight. Obesity is the cause for developing diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and a host of other health issues. Hence first and foremost for an individual is to maintain a balanced diet which is not very high in fats and carbohydrates that leads to more calorie intake and an increase in total weight.

Other than this, one should have adequate amount of protein because protein is the body building and repairing constituent of food. The other very important constituents are vitamins. Vitamins are very important for proper upkeep of the important organs in our body. Vitamins could be gotten from fresh foods and vegetables.

Regular exercise is a very important ingredient for a healthy heart and hence a healthy individual. Last but not the least is the amount of sleep that an individual should get which is a minimum of six hours per day. If the body is deprived from sleep then the stress levels rise and this is in general very hard on the body and hence health of an individual.
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We all know that we need to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables, starches, carbs, meats and all that. It's how it's prepared that can make it healthy or not healthy. Don't use a lot of salts. Use other spices to make the food taste better. With meat, you don't want to eat a lot of fat, trim that off, take the skin off of chicken, as it's cheaper to buy it whole, or cut up, not the skinless or boneless, it's so much more expensive.
Beans are very good for you too.
Then there's the exercising that people do, a lot of people do many different things, from working out at the gym, to running, hiking, biking, engage in sports, but my personal favorite is to walk.
You see so much when you are walking, and it can bring a calmness to you. Hope this helps, have a nice day.
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Women have unique health needs compare to men. Their body requires high production of
prostaglandins to regulate many of their cellular functions. Taking supplements like krill oil which contains antioxidants that help protect your body against diseases.
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There are too many healthy and low calorie recipes here in the internet.We can take help of them.Basically important to have a lifestyle that is healthy not just the diet and as a family practice the same like exercising or forms of dancing or swimming which will give respite and fun to thee family as well help lose some calories.
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That's right but both men and women needs a proper intake of vitamin supplements in order to function well.For that its necessary to take regular meal that includes the all vitamins that are important for body.
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Good lifestyle like don't eat too much, have a exercise, avoid smoking, and too much drinking of alcohol and above all always smile.
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There are many things which we need to do: Eating more vegetables, fish and doing some exercises specially is to have some vitamins and eat less oil like butter and other oily food etc... Take care of what you eat and do some exercise everyday, it's important.
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Yes if you not on the obesity problem already.If you have any such severe problems and need to lose weight drastically the you need to do something extra...this is just fine for those who are already around the line of being fit and healthy.

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