My 14 year-old daughter burned my 5 year-old son with a cigarette. He caught her smoking and threatened to tell. What should I do?


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If You Ground her or not she Will still do it behind your back trust me I no I'm a teen and I still do stuff my mom told me not to do if she caught me or not or grounded me or not...grounding her would make her want to do it again n even more now n it feels so exciting to do it behind your back n even more now if you grounded her ...N Do you Smoke or have you before n did you do it when you were around her age when you started too.....Another thing is ask her why she did n ask if she was willing to or did it because she saw you (if you smoke) n wanted to see the big idea was n why every one was doing it n ask if she has smoke before this time or is this her first.....don't yell at her no that you are there for her any time n then tell her that its not right to smoke and how it kills fast and name some disease that she can get and could ruin her life if she keeps on smoking ...
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I don't smoke but her father does. I'm not happy about her smoking obviously but right now I'm more concerned about her putting the cigarette out on her little brother.
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Why are you asking us for advice when you clearly do not have your childs best interest in mind???. Your only worried about CPS. What are you waiting for? For your daughter to do something worse when your not there? Whats wrong with you. You need to get your S____T together. Take him to a doctor. First whoop your daughters butt for thinking it was okay for her to do that. If you don't your giving her permission to do it to him again. If you know that your daughter knows exactly what shes doing and that she did it maliciously, maybe your daughter needs to go to juvi or a scared straight program. Don't ignore your sons pain.
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I can't afford to pay to send my daughter away and CPS involvement would be a disaster.
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Daughter would fight if I tried to give her a "whooping"
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Who runs the house? You or your daughter? If you are not sure i suggest you figure it out fast.
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Have your son checked out and don't lie to ER personel but if nothing happens, then I would ground her for as long as she lived home as this is cruelty and abuse at best and she can face criminal charges for it in Juvenille court as there is no justified reason for this to have happened
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Take her to a burn unit at a hospital to show her exactly what damage she did to her brother. It may have been small, but burns hurt.
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That's a great idea. I'll go to a hospital with my daughter. I'll tell a nurse what happened and ask her if she has any crispy 3rd degree fire victims with all their skin burned off available for viewing. The nurse will say "just a minute" and call CPS.
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That is an extreeme case senerio. I meant to get educated by a nurse or a doctor familiar with burns to show literature with pictures to give a greater impact then a mom. The professional would give her a lecture and maybe a 'story' from experience on the dangers of what she did. Like taking an out of control teenager to the local jail to let them see the impact of the choices they make. This choice harmed her brother and to her " I just gave him a boo-boo, he'll be fine" mindset is incorrect.
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She was aware that she was hurting her brother when she did it on purpose. She isn't so stupid that she doesn't realize that a burn is very painful.
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I hate to say it, but sometimes an old fashioned spanking is called for. Burning someone on purpose is just wrong. It not only hurts, buy your son will carry the scar for quite awhile. Put pure aloe on the burn. It will help it heal.

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