One of my friends says he is snorting oxycodon... Can you snort this? Or like is it mixed with something that will really hurt him? I know pills are no good to begin with but he just started with theses and he said he took 15mg in about 30 min


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This is not good at all and is definitely looking for trouble here. Kids will find a way to snort just about anything somehow which is really stupid and dangerous but hes not going to listen to you as its making him feel macho  until its too late. You can let his parents know thru the grapevine but doubt it will do any good. Some people just have to learn things the hard way but please don't you start this nonsense
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Im not going to i have seen what it can do to someone when they get older.... But i was doing research and some people said you cant even get high and u cant snort it? Is that true

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