What Is The Best Way To Get the Best Natural Appetite Suppressants?


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Believe it or not, the best way to get natural appetite suppressants is to eat specific types of food.  You can get these from any decent supermarket.  I'll give you a list of some of the best natural appetite suppressants:

  1. Apples - they're full of fibre which is important for keeping hunger at bay.  They're also low in calories so you can munch away without feeling too guilty.
  2. Caffeine - it's a great appetite suppressant, and delicious is you're good at making coffee.  Try a cup before reaching for a doughnut.
  3. Water - this one's really important.  Water fills your stomach which keeps hunger away, but more importantly, hunger is often confused with actually being dehydrated.  Get drinking!
  4. Almonds - these are much higher calorie than the others on the list, but they're great for a snack to keep feeling full.  They're packed with healthy fats that will stop you feeling hungry for a reasonable length of time.

It seems silly to rely on food as an appetite suppressant, but in reality it makes perfect sense.  If you fill your stomach with the right types of food, you'll feel fuller for longer, and won't crave some of the more naughty varieties!

Here's a video detailing some more foods that will help to work as appetite suppressants:

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