What's The Best Way To Get High Off On Vicodin?


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I could tell you a few ways but instead I'm offering you something you probably don't want. My support and prayers that you don't become addicted to opiates and let them ruin your life as they did to me. I used to take as much as 150 mg of hydrocodone a day every day, that is fifteen norco 10-325 pills!). I now take my prescribed Lortab 4 times a day or less and after a week or two of misery I started finding joy in the things in my life I had simply left behind for that vicious never-ending (until you end it) cycle of addiction. Good luck my friend. I hope you make better decisions in your life then I did. I lost everything in my life before I realized and admitted I had a problem. That will be most difficult for you to identify. We as humans have the tendency to try and rationalize our mistakes when sometimes we are just having trouble accepting the truth. Again good luck and I wish you well in life.

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