I Am 13 And In The 8th Grade, What Should Be The Weight For Right Now?


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I weigh 130 but I'm all muscle and barely any fat on my body so it depends your life if your very athletic and like to do sports 120-130 right but if your a couch potato I would want to be less 115-125 just my opinion.
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If you're a girl who is 60-63", 95 - 105 pounds.

If you're a guy who is 58-62", 85 - 100 pounds.

I'm guessing you're asking this question because you're wondering if you're over this range, as most don't ask if they are under it.

If that is the case and you wanted to lose weight, simply adopt a diet with few processed foods and one consisting of mostly veggies, lean meats, fruits and carb sources such as (oatmeal, brown rice, beans, yams)..

To keep it simple, eat a salad before each meal, eat until you're at a 7/10 where you're just 'satisfied' but not full....and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

That alone if you keep it up should help you normalize your weight.  If not add exercise.

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 Sigh. This is a very rough time for girls your age isn't it? Ok, lay it on the line. As your body has not come anywhere close to full growth by this time, you MUST not get into the idea that you need to diet. Girls (and boys) your age fluctuate pretty dramatically during this time, as your body tries to get rolling on some serious growth spurts.
 Now seeing that you don't have your full height, and appropriate weight is based on several factors, including general body build, physical fitness, and height, you need to understand that there is no way to state: At Your Age You Should Weigh No More Than ***!
 If you want to know if you are about where you should be, it's simple. Don't eat too many Junk Food snacks (you know the stuff, chips, fries, shakes, burgers, candy, cakes, all that stuff), and get out and get some exercise. If you can at least jog the mile that you are probably already getting in P.E. At least once a week (and if you aren't, you will soon), and not feel like you have to fall over from exhaustion, you're probably fine. If you can only jog the first couple hundred feet, then walk and pant your way through the're out of shape, and that's a much more serious problem than weight.
 Get yourself to where you can participate with enthusiasm in P.E., and sports or physical games with your friends without feeling like you're going to die from exhaustion, and your body will find the proper weight. And as you grow, it will continue to find the proper weight you are SUPPOSED to be at, instead of some imaginary number derived from some archaic mathematical wizardry...
 So don't worry about your weight, worry about being fit. Your body will take it from there.
 I hope this helps, and you take it seriously. Dieting at your age can have terrible repercussions later in life, and rarely result in happy endings. Get out, get some exercise (ride a bike to town, or just a couple miles out and back, but get the exercise), and you'll be healthier and much happier than you would be if you start dieting... And you'll have a lot more energy, and will look great to everyone else around you, because you will have that healthy glow.
 Trust me on this one. (^_^)
(Hmmm... Regarding the comment below, I guess I should have also included the comment that if you are very thin, that you shouldn't try to eat excessively to try to bring your weight up to some 'normal' number, but I thought I covered just needing to be healthy well enough...)
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this person is not saying they are overweight but asking a question on average. how did you come to this assumption ?????????
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I should weigh 120
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This is a difficult one to answer as a 13 year old there is no certain weight as we are all different sizes and builds. It also comes from your jeans from your parents and there parents. Hope this helps 

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