How Could I Get Big Boobs Without Pills Or Surgery?


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Unfortunately, it seems that there is no proven way to get big boobs without pills or surgery. There are a lot of chancers out there who claim to have the ‘know-how’, but if it were true, don’t you think that everyone would be talking about it or trying to patent the method in the hopes of making a fortune?

The problem is that breasts consist largely of fatty tissue,  not muscles that can be developed by exercise. When a well-known international weight trainers’ publication was asked if breast size could be increased by weight training, they replied that the only way to increase breast size was to gain weight/fat and that weight training would possibly only increase the size of the back.

There are products, advertised on the Internet, that claim to be useful for enhancing the size of the boobs if massaged into the breasts daily, they even offer free samples. As usual, click on the free offer and the small print tells you that these only come with an order.

If you follow up on the key ingredient of the aforementioned product, Pueraria Mirifica, it appears to contain an estrogen-like substance and there are claims that the product has various health benefits, including enlarging breasts and improving hair growth. Again, there is no scientific evidence to support any of these claims and there are warnings that miroestrol, a type of estrogenic phenol, should not be used by people who suffer from asthma, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, migraine, or lupus.

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Look I'm 15 years old and still don't have anything and I've had many boyfriends , and many people still want to be with me the size of your breast have nothing to do with the beauty on the inside. I used to cry myself to sleep at the thought of not having boobs, it sucked my depression started from it. You'll learn to get over it one way or another, But some girls don't get boobs until there 20 my sister she told me a story from when I was depressed over the same situation. She said she didn't have any boobs she was as flat as a board until she was 20 years old, she started noticing her bra's didn't fit , so she didn't worry about it , then around summer time she realized she went from a size AA to a size C in just half a year, So patience and time is the only thing, Also estrogen is what makes your boobs bigger so sexual activity and fatty acids in food can raise estrogen but wont always make your boobs bigger. And if your at home don't wear a bra and give them room to grow and while your sleeping wear a bra so while they grow while your sleeping it gives them support, I wish the best for you !
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Not really.  Breast size is mostly based on hormones, weight, and genetics.

The hormones from puberty, pregnancy, certain medications (like hormonal birth control), and even food (meat and dairy products often contain a lot of hormones) can make your breasts bigger.  Not everyone is effected by hormones the same way though.  And too many hormones, too much dairy, and too much meat are not good for us.  So you do not want to go loading up on hormones that you don't need just in an effort to get larger breasts.  Puberty lasts longer than most people realize as well.  Parts of our body grow all through our teenage years, even if we don't always notice the growth.  So you probably still have plenty of growing to do.

Breasts are made of fat.  Overweight women typically have larger breasts than skinny women.  But being overweight is not good for us either.  So bulking up in an effort to get larger breasts is not a good idea.

Genetics play their part too.  Look at your mom, look her mom, and look at your dad's mom.  If they all have large breasts, you might get large breasts too.  

But in the end it does not matter.  Breasts are for feeding babies, and even small ones can do that just fine.  If anyone teases you or turns you down for having small breasts, that just means they are shallow and not worth your time in the first place.
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If you are speaking of Boobs that one perhaps works with or deal with as a matter of fact than choice, Then these Boobs are always enlarging the Bull and the direct relationship they have to the other end or an offspring of a horse and a donkey!

If you are speaking of Boobs as in women's breast, then there are somethings that can be done such as working out and getting a good program for you, perhaps some minerals or vitamins and a good diet. The truth is that this is dictated more by the predecessors that you belong to than a simple change in lifestyle!

There are adds and commercials today that claim anything can be enlarged which to my experience is more related to their wallet and the enrichment they are enjoying from the depletion of your disposable cash!

Men increase their chest by lifting weights and honestly in my experience this is the best procedure that will ensure results without surgery. The other consideration is that everyone is different and what works for one may not for anyone else so you really need to try things on your own and see what happens., This could result in bigger breast, bigger butt or just being around bigger Boobs that you now recognize for what they are and accept the gifts of heredity!
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It seems that girls breasts are coming in at a much younger age and I believe it is due to all the chemicals that are being used to produce the foods we eat. Just as sports players take enhancing pills, the animals are given these things as well. If what I believe is true, then eat more fast foods and things will develop sooner.
Also, upper body strength takes away from breast size. Take a look at most gymnasts and you will see they have very small breasts. They strive to be this way as it is also a sign of strength.
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It is really very shameful to have small boobs. I really feel very embarrassed whenever i see my juniors geeting big boobs than me. I m 16 & i m not satisfied with my breast size. The suggestions displayed here may be helps me. So good luck!!!!!!!
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Vegetable oil massaged into boobs I heard works; massage for about 20mins
Body cream/lotion can work or just massaging your boobs without anything helps. Do this every night before sleeping and they should feel different in the morning after a few days. Drink milk too should help.
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I heard that like rubbing them works a little... My old friend told me that and said it worked for her I havent tried it but it could work.....I know that sounds really weird but yeah only if your really desperate.

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