Has Anyone Used A Hair Shampoo To Detox There Hair After Using Cocaine?


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If someone answers that I will surely be surprise.  I seriously doubt there is anything that will ever detox cocaine out of ones body.  I can't even believe you would ask a question like this publicly.  Don't you know now a days, the potential employers are invading your privacy.  They check Facebook, my space and even this thing and whatever else they can get on you.  And if an employee doesn't like you for whatever reasons they can hire a private investigator and find out things about you that can get you fired and marked.  People are evil out there and life is hard enough without drugs. Why would you want to make it harder on yourself.  Seems kind of foolish to me.
They[potential employers] do it at work without a second thought and so do a lot of your coworkers.  
If you are doing cocaine, my best advice is to stop doing it and if you can't stop on your own then go to some place where you can get help. I believe that is a dead end road.
I have never seen or heard of anyone with a drug problem, alcohol problem, pill problem move up in the corporate world and keep moving up. They just go down with vicious help of control freaks, kiss but kind of people, jealous people with unthoughtout actions. And believe every place has them.  
Believe me, it is hard enough to advance in the corporate world without the drugs, alcohol, and pills.  There are a lot of people even in small corporate offices who do not want to see someone below them advance and make something better for themselves out of their life.  I don't know why.  Maybe its because they aren't the center of attention. But, drugs (if you are actually doing them) are not going to help you one bit.  If you have some kind of test to take for a job (the only one I know of that takes test of your hair is the police force or a federal job) my advice is to forget about applying for the job and go else where until you get yourself cleaned up.
Corporate world sucks as it is without the drugs and pills and alcohol problems.

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