What's The Best Detox To Clean Cocaine In Hours?


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I did about 40 bag saturday night with heavy alcohol I'm concerned I'll fail my drug test Thursday.

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You can't rid your system of cocaine in mere hours, no matter what you do. It takes several days for all traces of cocaine to leave your system after one-time use, and it could take months after extended use.
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Snarky is right. If there was a way to get coke out of the system in hours, I wouldn't have gotten all those dirty urines. It's 3 days no matter what.. Longer if you use daily.
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You can't. Plus, a hair strand test will show cocaine for 30 days or more. 
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Cut your wrists and allow all of the blood in your body to spill out onto the floor. Once that is done, find a freind and suck the blood from his or her body until all your blood has been replaced.

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