Can Sleeping Pills Kill You In One Night?


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Amanda Moore answered
Yes they can kill you but depends on how many you take , your only supposed to take up to 2 every 24 hours. If that , but I took 6 and just couldn't see or hear and passed out and woke up dehydrated. So if you take more than 6 you'll most likely over dose , or die.
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John Rhoades answered
Most sleeping pills are nothing more than an antihistamine called diphenhydramine used in benadryl and hospitals for the treatment of allergic reactions and blocking histamines which cause symptoms.
Every individual and their tolerance varies to these drugs. Some people can take a whole bottle of sleeping pills and end up in the hospital still alive. Others can take an overdose and die from heart failure, stop breathing. It is never safe in any case to take more than the maximum allowed according to directions within the label, and is not worth chancing.

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