Can You Take The Morning After Pill Twice In One Month?


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You can but it is not advised. The morning after pill is for an emergency and by no means should be used as a form of birth control. If you are having accidents where you think you may be pregnant, time to rethink you birth control method. The morning after pill really can mess your system up as it gives the brain a signal that you are pregnant, causing cramping, and sometimes missed periods. If you continue to use on a regular basis, you will mess up your system badly. You may start having episodes as though you are going through menopause. Once again, you can, but not advidable. Speak to your doctor about another form of birth control. The morning after pill is for emergency only
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ray of light answered
Taking pill at morning or evening for months is not a problem. Remember one thing, by taking pills, you are not allowing your reproductive system to work properly. This can produce lot of side effects. Naturally, the reproductive system of females is design in such a way that if it remain suppress for longer duration of time, can be normal by rebound effect. This is not true for males. After discontinuation of pills things will be alright shortly.

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