Can A Bloated Stomach Sore Nipples And An Outbreak In Spots Be Due To Coming Off The Pill?


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Yes, bloating, breast tenderness and spotting are side effects of birth control pills. Breast tenderness is due to progesterone in the pills. Spotting can be individual response of your system because these pills don't cause spotting in every one. So, your problem is directly related with the use of pills.
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I'm also experiencing bloated stomach, and really sore nipple. Makes me feel sick to touch them. I find myself just wanting to eat. I have been of the pill for around about 4 weeks now and still no sign of my period. Ive had unprotected sex with my boyfriend whilst being off the pill. Ive had an pregnancy test which was negative but I didnt realise that it was expired. Any ideas what could be up with me? Should I take another pregnancy test or is it just due to me coming of the pill?

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